1. Data Security

Arttha is compliant to international financial data security guidelines. Our mobile apps support data encryption over SMS and data channels. All customer and third party data is stored using the best encryption algorithms.

2. Mobile Banking

Customers can access all conventional banking services from the convenience of their home or office. This enhances customer service and increases revenue per customer.

3. Mobile Payments

All users of the Arttha mobile banking services can access our ever growing merchant ecosystem. Customers can pay bills, school fees, travel tickets directly from their accounts and eliminate hassles of carrying cash.

4. Mobile App

Users can download the Arttha mobile banking app from the Google Playstore. This app provides services over Internet and SMS channels, giving users ultimate convenience.

5. SMS Banking

SMS banking and alerts provided by Arttha enable customers to be connected with their bank accounts at all times. SMS banking has shown to bring down operational costs by one third for banks.

6. Ultimate Convenience

Arttha enables users to manage multiple accounts, like savings, current, and loan accounts from a single window. This provides them with a world class experience and enhances loyalty.

Anytime, Anywhere Banking

Enhance revenue per customer, increase loyalty and reduce churn by becoming our partners, and delivering the latest technology to your customers. Our solution puts a bank office in the pocket of your customer, enabling them to work with you, with reliability and convenience.

Integration and deployment in just one day!

Anil Baid
President and CSO

Manish Sharma

Tushar Bhatkar

Sameer Jain
Chief Business Officer


Business Consultancy

Our team of highly experiences business and technology professionals, offers you access to a knowledge bank of best practices and latest trends in mobile financial services.

Technology Support

Supported by a team of highly skilled engineers, our endeavor is to enable your business, using the latest technologies.

Ecosystem Building

The Arttha team is continuously adding merchants and financial institutions to its payment ecosystem, and creating of a big aggression in Nepal.

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